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This picture is purely amazing. There is lot of characters, but still they all have their own place and the picture doesn't look too fi...

Bready epic Freaddy Breddy a Dem awooos aa Much feels aaa Bllooon boh eats perls aaaa Illuminati confirmed aaaaa thank thank thank than...

Even Gordon Ramsay should use dis. . . cling wrap the best pie trap . . Da best SQ FT/P(something) (66-2/3 YDS / YARHARDARR X 12 I/PLUG...

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  Hi hi hi!! This is OCTale!! It was originally just going to be like an 'au' that was never written or drawn about until I have gotten the idea of using a comic! The comic will be going on until both routes that I will be doing (genocide/pacifist) are finished. And, there will be no deadline for it either. One thing is for sure - I may or may not be posting it here. I will be making a Tumblr account just for it, however. There's a good chance of posting it here too since this is where it kind of began. Maybe into a separate folder.
  Since this is a just-beginning thing, we need characters! There are guidelines for characters though;
  Only two major characters, three minor characters (enemies), and one vendor.  They must be a living being (Robots/Dummies do not count unless a ghost is possessing it. Example: Mettaton, Mad Dummy  Preferably furry OCS, humans are okay too! I have a human oc being used for this but she is
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Character Tag Again -_- : Shadow and Eve
Tagged by :iconPokemonLover777: and :iconGaregon:
1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with the creator's avatars.

Fact 1
He actually doesn't like fighting much anymore and tries to avoid it IF possible
Fact 2
He was kinda the cause of his kinds down fall
Fact 3
He was the "prince" of his clan and was going to be the leader
Fact 4
He refuses to love because he lost his Fiancé when his kind was killed and blames himself
 Fact 5
His body design is actually to pay respect to his parents because his father's beast form was a bear and the marks on it is the same as his mother's beast form marks
Fact 6
so far in ALL my RPs with people, they have yet to bring out shadows true powers
Fact 7
he is very skilled in robotics and is constantly building and fixing them
Fact 8
a lot of certain powers
:iconbbbri-and-friends:bbbri-and-friends 3 17
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Look what the amazing BakaKuraRa made for me, which is MY character, Muffins! Just look!!
Thanks, man! Your the best! 
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Character Tag--Kodi
Tagged by :iconShy-Steamer:
1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with the creator's avatars.
Fact 1
his name is pronounced "code-I".
Fact 2
Kodi was originally my imaginary friend when I was little and looked COMPLETILY different.
Fact 3
He is a wyvern and is technically not classified as a dragon.
Fact 4
Kodi's armor grows with him when he changes to his wyvern form.
Fact 5
Kodi has no genitals because I "made/imagined" him without them, which is why he does not wear pants or anything. (I didn't know about them when I was little ok -_-)
Fact 6
If Kodi gets too pissed off, he goes into a stage called "Blood Rage".
Fact 7
Kodi can fly faster then the speed of sound and SOMETIMES the speed of light.
Fact 8
Kodi has a sister
I Tag:
:iconbbbri-and-friends:bbbri-and-friends 4 129
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Her Questions
1. What's your name? (you can give a screen name if you wish)
My real name is....Logan but call me Pyro
2. Where do you live? (just the country is fine)
I live outside the city
3. What do you like to eat?
Hamburgers, Pizza, Chicken nuggets/tenders, and etc.
4. What's your favourite color?
Blue, Red, and black
5. Do you like cows' or goats' milk?
6. Do you have brown hair?
How'd you know????
7. What is your blood type? (Lol, but the real question; are we friends?)
8. Are you allergic to anything?
Does dust count?
9. There was a reference to something in questions 1-8, do you know
what it is?
Ummm...The things I like....I don't know....
10. What do you use to draw?
Pencil and paper...I wish I had SAI
11. Are you a Negatron or an Optimist Prime?
I'm not a Transformers fan...
12. Spaghetti or Ramen Noodles?
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Hello everyone!
It's Iggy here!
I thought that it would be nice to tell 'bout what's been going on~

Well, I could start with the amount of work I've been doing. I've been working some long days, and they have been tiring ones.
+ I have been stressing over the work, small subjects, but they eat me mentally so much that I can't even.
One of them being that I had got feedback via email, that my service was really low and bad. I've been thinking like how, I have always tried to smile as much as possible and be happy around customers, I try my best and that's the thank you I get while trying to keep so many tables happy alone.
Anyways, cryin' about that won't change anything, yet I still feel kinda triggered by that comment.

Still, I have also been working with badge commissions! I am currently taking traditional badge commissions, and all the money I gain from them will be donated to charity!
If ya are interested, please do let me know! I have been taking orders from Instagram mostly, but if I gain customers from here too, of course I'll take 'em!
My badges are pretty big, and they all have glitter on 'em. They all are also laminated and they include a key ring.
Headshot- 6$ (5€)
Bust- 8$ (7€)
Fullbody- 11$ (10€)
Bundle- 21$ (20€) - Bundle includes head, bust, and fullbody badge.
Ya can check pics of the ready badges from my Instagram~

Also there is no much time 'till Desucon!
I am really hyped, since m' boi and I will be cosplaying as Watson and Nikolai for two days! For one day there will also be Friday with us, who is cosplayed by our precious boi~
There will also be this one big Team Skull meet up and I'll be a Skull Grunt!
I am really hyped, and I wish to meet lot of people and maybe get more friends!

That's all for now, I guess.
New page of TNE is under the work, I've been just having some problems with drawing this one character ^^'
But I'd say that the new page is done during this week.
I'll also reply better to comments and replies after I have got my $hit back together.

Have a nice day/night m' dudes!
Summer should be here soon!


BakuKuraRa's Profile Picture
Iggy Vuorendeerus, "Baku", "Claus", "Enragement Child" [Iggy the (dancing) Fruitbat]

Hello there m' dude, welcome to my page!
I am 22-years old guy from Finland, who loves drawing both digital and traditional art.
With traditional art I use basic coloring pens and those cheap markers cause I am too poor to buy Copics (haha). and with digital art I use MS Paint. I am aiming to buy a licence for my copy of Paint Tool Sai.

Well, I don't know that what I should tell 'bout myself for ya all?
I am fandom trash and I live in the trashcan with my ships.
Anyways, I have many OC's from different fandoms, most well known ones probably are Iggy (my fursona), Ethan (well known from my FNaF AU) and my group of Pigmasks (from Mother AU).

x x x

Trades, commissions and requests are closed if I don't mention them to be open at journal entry.

x x x

My other social media:
YouTube- Iggy Balloon
Instagram- Koopakakru ( <--- I post pics of badge commissions/random life stuff and fursuit dance videos there!)

x x x

Thank you for your time!
I wish ya have a great day/night, ya are awesome, remember that boi!


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EchoDragon76 Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Heeeeyyyyy home slice bread slice dog. I got, serious art question.

Fam I seem to notice that you use alot of green, and it's one color I really like, but when I use it it looks gross and doesn't fit.

so fam what I am asking is how did u master the color of green.
applereader Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2017
BAKUUUUUU ;--; man how have you been? <333
BakuKuraRa Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2017
Wah I've been missing ya dude!

But I am doin' well! Been proud of myself, how I have managed to get stuff done in time and kept my life on track!
Day after day I am closer and closer to healthier life! ;;U;;
Also I have almost finished all my commissions and shipped them! I got like sooooososososo many badge commissions at Instagram, that I can't even xD

How have ya been 'm dude? ;;W;; <3
applereader Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2017
Omg I have missed you two TTATT

Oh dear that sounds fantastic! I am so proud of you iggy man, sounds like you are going in the right direction, is THAT enthusiasm what you needed all along <3 I am glad you are doing better in life, it warms my heart to know that you are working so hard and doing your best <3333

I have been doing good overall <3 Ups and downs come in life, I myself had TONS of events to attend, also final exams and final projects for each subject, so I went to college at 4 am just to come back at 8 pm or so to home. I have been tired, but I am hanging there with the help of my bf and my friends ;u;
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BakuKuraRa Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2017
Hi pal!
markel9000 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2017
How re ya? ^^
BakuKuraRa Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2017
I'm doin' pretty well actually! Been able to keep stuff together and get stuff done!
I can say that I am proud of myself! xD
How 'bout you 'm friend?
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